Breeder’s promise:

**Puppy has been appropriately dewormed and vaccinated by licensed veterinarian, will come with copy of medical history,will be free of any major physical infestation, infection, illness, and/or serious stress

**Home and yard in which puppy resides in from birth is clean and has been treated for infestations and sanitized against infectious diseases

Buyer’s Promise:

**Puppy’s vaccinations will be kept up to date, receive yearly boosters, will not go to communal areas until vaccination series is completed, and will be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of pickup

**Puppy will be carefully and slowly transitioned with diet and environment, will receive adequate care and affection (obedience training, mental stimulation, exercise, socialization with humans and other animals), proper diet and nutrition, proper medical care, and proper grooming and hygienic maintenance

Spay & Neuter Agreement:

**Puppy will be spayed/neutered by the age of 12 months

**Proof will be given to Breeder once spay or neuter has been done   ______________

Two year health guarantee:

**Puppy will be free of any life threatening congenital defects for 2 years from date of birth

**If puppy is found to have such defect, Buyer must provide documentation from Buyer’s veterinarian with a written and signed statement of symptoms, exact problem, severity, and any tests that have been done

**Buyer will notify Breeder within 2 business days of occurrence

**Buyer will be offered a replacement puppy of a current litter or first pick of next available litter of comparable pricing and breed

*****If Buyer chooses above option, Buyer will bring puppy back to Breeder at Buyer’s expense, so Breeder can have Breeder’s veterinarian exam puppy before any replacement is provided

*****If Buyer returns puppy, puppy must be accompanied with written statement from a licensed veterinarian indicating all shots are up to date, puppy has negative fecal within 30 days, puppy has negative heartworm test and has been on preventative medication, and puppy appears to have been well cared for

*****Buyer will bring puppy directly to Breeder’s veterinarian to ensure safety of Breeder’s home and other puppies/dogs

**Buyer will also have the option to keep puppy and assume all expenses and responsibilities of care for puppy

*****Breeder may refund amount of adoption fee, if agreeable with situation

**If puppy dies within 2 years from date of birth, a necropsy will be performed to determine cause of death, whether genetic, congenital, or due to other causes; Buyer will be responsible for all charges

*****Buyer is encouraged to work with Breeder to locate an acceptable veterinarian

*****If reason is found to be congenital or genetic defect, Buyer will be entitled to new puppy from any current or upcoming litter of comparable pricing

**This guarantee does not cover

*****Umbilical hernia

*****Inguinal hernia

*****Cherry eye

*****Undescended testes

*****Under bite or over bite

*****Grade 1-2 heart murmur

*****Grade 1-2 patella

**This guarantee also does not cover the following, unless a licensed veterinarian can provide evidence infection originated from Breeder



*****Kennel cough





*****Ear infection

**If any of the above are found to be the result of the Breeder, Breeder will work directly with Buyer’s veterinarian of choice to help pay for medication to treat condition, up to the total amount paid for the affected puppy

Once puppy is in care of Buyer:

**Breeder assumes no responsibility of puppy for

*****Medical expenses

*****Disease and mortality unrelated to breeding practices

*****Landlord disapproval



*****Coat texture and color

*****Size of mature dog



*****Disagreement of family members

*****Any other reasons not relating to health

**If Buyer wishes to return puppy, no refund will be provided

**In the case of any legal disputes between parties, Buyer is responsible for any and all legal fees incurred on part of Buyer, and that all disputes are to be settled within county of Breeder

**Buyer and Breeder both agree to attempt to mediate and resolve any conflict with a mutually agreeable compromise and utilize courts as a last resort

Buyer understands he/she may contact Breeder for advice or guidance at any time during puppy’s lifetime.


Buyer is urged to maintain a relationship with a trusted and knowledgeable licensed veterinarian for the lifetime of pet ownership.


Buyer understands that dogs, especially puppies, can be overwhelmed by illness extremely quickly, and, therefore, should be taken to veterinarian at the first sign of illness.

Breeder’s Name _________________________________________________

Breeder’s Signature ______________________________________________  Date _________________


Buyer’s Name ___________________________________________________


Buyer’s Signature ________________________________________________  Date _________________