Bernedoodles are a mix between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. There are 3 different sizes: mini, medium/small standard, and standard.

*Mini: bernese mountain dog or bernedoodle bred with a mini poodle, ranging 25-40lbs

*Medium/small standard: bernese mountain dog bred with medium poodle, ranging 45-60lbs

*Standard: bernese mountain dog bred with standard poodle, ranging 65-90lbs

Bernedoodles are becoming widely known, and for good reason.  They are one of the calmest doodle breeds, very loyal and protective, and intelligent.  They can be very big doodles, but they still feel like they are lap dogs.  They love to be with their people of all ages, no matter what is going on.  They can be timid, so early socialization is imperative.