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**Doodles can be an excellent mixed breed.  They maintain the intelligence and low shedding from their poodle parent, and their general lovingness, loyalty, and friendly nature from their other parent.  Certain doodles are designed for certain roles, just as all dog breeds have their roles.  When bred properly, from good and healthy parents, the doodles are hard to compete with.  It is important, when looking for a doodle, to do research on the parent breed; this will help with the decision of which doodle breed is best for you and your family. **They require regular grooming: daily brushing and visits to professional groomers every 4-6 weeks.  Their hair will become matted and uncontrollable if not properly groomed, which will cost more money and they will come back to you shaved down, instead of in that cute fluffy cut we all know and love.  They also require regular cleaning of their ears and rear, due to hair growth in those areas. 

**We suggest all puppies attend training classes once all vaccinations are complete.  Puppies can be very time-consuming and stressful, and without proper training (for puppy and owner), puppies can become unruly and add even more stress.  Doodles are very easy to train, but do still require professional training, even if it is just basic obedience training. 

**Classifications of doodles:

F1: Poodle x other breed

F1b: Poodle x F1 doodle; other breed x F1 doodle

F2: doodle x doodle

F2b: doodle x F1b doodle

Multigen: further mix of doodles

Double-doodle: doodle x other breed of doodle

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